Tips for Experienced and Inexperienced Photographers


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As a photographer you are always growing and hoping to expand your skills so that you can transform from budding photographer to an amateur photographer to an expert photographer. When first starting out, it’s important to stick with simple goals, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the photography field. Hey, not everyone attends photography school. It’s half the fun figuring things out on your own. In case, you need some advice for getting started with photography, check out these tips:


Cameron Frost discusses advice for both inexperienced and experienced photographers.

Make a Commitment to Organization: Particularly maintain organization when focusing on an aspect of life such as a hobby that may take a backseat on your priority list. Organization in the field of photography may help you succeed in moving up from amateur to expert. This idea of organization will help you form effective habits that will lead to an overall better project or portfolio.

Add a Technique to your Arsenal: With all the various techniques available for photographers there’s always something you can learn in order to improve your photographic abilities.

Get Out There: Photography is all about location, location, location! Some of the best shots come from the best angles in beautiful locations across the world. So, instead of just sitting around and taking traditional photos, get out there and let the world be your canvas!

Choose To Be Different: With so many photographers taking similar photos at similar angles, it pays off to be different. Think outside the box! Don’t just settle for the same old photo.

Share Stories: It’s easy to explain or share stories in writing and spoken word. However, it’s more difficult to do so in photos. No captions means the audience gets to interpret your expressive work for themselves.

Keep A Diary: Because photography is such an expressive art, it is beneficial to reflect on your work after each shoot. Look at the many directions in which you would like to improve for the future.

Learn From Your Peers: Modern society allows us to share our work with each other in a matter of seconds. With all the artistic work available on the web, creative influence could strike through observing others.


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Pet Adoption Transforms Valentine’s Day Weekend


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While the majority of the population spent copious amounts of money on commercial products in an attempt to impress their loved one on Valentine’s Day, a few smart individuals realized a much cheaper, and furrier, option. Last weekend national animal welfare organization known as the Best Friends Animal Society, along with other animal rescue groups and shelters, were promoting their special program entitled, “The One”. The objective for the program was to encourage consumers to avoid pricey online or in-person pet retailers and adopt just “The One” they’ve always wanted for only $14.

The program was available nationwide through a collection of different local animal shelters, groups, and of course Best Friends Animal Society locations. The program also featured a marketing campaign that emphasized the humor in putting aside your Valentine’s Day woes and adopting the puppy of your dreams. But while the advertising campaign might have seemed humorous, this was an extremely serious attempt to save animal lives.


Adopting a pet from a great way to save a life.

As the national manager of Best Friends Animal Society, Elizabeth Oreck, made clear, most people don’t realize that pet stores and online retailers predominantly rely on the 10,000 puppy and kitten farms to supply the consumers. Meanwhile the large amount of pets available through shelters and rescue groups typically go unwanted. Thus, consumers could not only save money but also these animals’ lives! The variety of pets offered in shelters is immense, ranging from puppies to purebreds, who make up around 25% of the those available.

So while some were out spending money on flowers, chocolates, or other gifts for their significant others, there was a mass amount of people that chose instead to use that money to give a pet a home and in doing so saved a life. I would say, that’s one successful Valentine’s Day weekend.

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Polaroid’s Latest Invention: The Socialmatic


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Polaroid has been an iconic brand in America for over 75 years; however, the company has been through a lot in the past decade, filing for bankruptcy in 2001, and again in 2008. It is clear that Polaroid has been changing ownership, struggling with identity, and losing relevance in the digital age.
In the press release for a new partnership between Polaroid and Sakar, the company stated, “People can expect to see new Polaroid products that will deliver the fun, instant gratification, and value that the brand has long stood.”


The Socialmatic camera is polaroid’s newest product.

Former CEO of Polaroid, Gary DiCamillo stated in an interview that today most young adults would rather have digital photos rather than a a photograph they can hold in their hands. This makes sense considering that most young adults share photos via social media and through mobile devices.

The truth is, many people still desire a hard copy of their photographs. Even internationally acclaimed photographer Helena Christensen said. “I still love taking pictures with Polaroid film. For me, it offers the most beautiful way of capturing reality and transferring it onto a flat piece of paper.”

Maybe Polaroid will be able to prove DiCamillo wrong with their new product, The Socialmatic.

The Socialmatic was designed by Antonio De Rosa. He originally imagined it as a real-life Instagram camera. Rosa failed to raise the funds for production himself via Indiegogo, so he turned to Polaroid. After some changes to the original concept, Polaroid decided to bring the Socialmatic to the market.

In the Fall of 2014, Polaroid will return to its roots by debuting this new camera. The Socialmatic has all the allure of vintage Polaroid instant film cameras with the convenience of any smartphone.
The Socialmatic is Android™-based with a 4.5” touchscreen LCD display, a 14 megapixel front lens, a 2 megapixel rear camera, 4GB of internal storage, a Micro SD slot and built in WiFi. But that’s not all. The camera prints the instant 2″x3″ photo on ink-free paper with Zero Ink® Printing technology. ZINK® makes for smudge-proof, waterproof, and tearproof photos. The Socialmatic will be available for $299.

The Socialmatic is a promising product for Polaroid. It has potential to make the products relevant again, while bringing back Polaroid’s original notion of instant-gratification. Hopefully, this camera will be enough to resurrect Polaroid.

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Where To Start With Photography


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Cameron Frost may be a skilled, professional photographer, but that wasn’t always the case. Growing up, Cameron walked around his neighborhood taking photos of people and subjects, learning about photography on his own. For a new photographer like Cameron once was, following a few basic tips will help you begin your path to becoming more skilled and knowledgeable about the profession and craft. New photographers should begin learning the way that Cameron did and should enjoy photography rather than take it to seriously in the beginning. Becoming a professional photographer takes time, experience, focus and determination. Here are a few tips for new photographers hoping to learn more about the skill:

Start small. You don’t need the most expensive or high tech camera when you first start out with photography.  You just need something that will be simple to use and easy to manage.  Photography can be a difficult skill to acquire and the more that you practice, the better. Buy a reasonably priced digital camera and begin there. Once you start practicing more and more with the camera, you’ll begin figuring out the next type of camera you’ll want to invest in.


Follow a few, simple tips when just starting out with photography.

Never let your camera leave your side. Treat every time you leave your house or apartment as an opportunity to get to know the world around you better through photography. Photograph anything you come across that interests your or draws your attention to it.

Keep a mental list. When walking around your city, town or neighborhood start making a list of places, views or buildings that you would like to photograph. This way you’ll never run out of subjects or places to take pictures of.

Use what’s around you no matter how ordinary. Sometimes, the most ordinary objects might not seem like proper photographic subjects, but this is where you’re wrong. Anything no matter how mundane it might appear to be can be turned into something worth photographing. Lighting can help average everyday objects become ideal photographic subjects. Your backyard, the park or the beach can be great places to begin honing your photography skills.

Remember to enjoy learning about the process of photography and begin playing with those camera settings. The more you experiment, the more you’ll learn and become a better photographer. For more tips visit the digital photography school’s website!

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Are You Ready To Adopt A Pet?


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If you are looking for a pet, think about adopting one from an animal shelter. At most animal shelters you will find cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles and more. Each of these animals needs a safe, loving owner and home. Many animals who end up in shelters have some type of emotional or behavioral issue which leads to most prospective adopters to overlook them for their “shortcomings.” Pets, especially those adopted from shelters, are major responsibilities.


Consider if you are prepared to adopt an animal from a shelter before doing so?

If you are looking to adopt a new pet, consider these factors beforehand:

Do your research first. Before heading to the shelter, research which types of dogs, cats, etc that you might be interested in taking home with you. Different breeds will have various behaviors so you want to think about what these behaviors are and if you can deal with them. For instance, certain breeds of dogs bark, show more aggressive tendencies, or are more difficult to train.

Consider the future. What if you plan on moving in the future and your aren’t sure if the place you are moving is a difficult place to live with a pet or not. Once you commit to adopting a pet, it becomes one of your top priorities and you have to begin planning every aspect of your life around it. Also, consider the size of your home and imagine if it would be an acceptable amount of space for an animal to live and move around in. In particular, dogs have a ton of energy, so they need lots of room to exercise. Don’t forget to think about your schedule. Do you work late and live alone? Pets need attention, food, and to be walked. If you aren’t home, then who will make sure your pet is safe and taken care of?

Visit before adopting. Research shelters in your area and visit more than one in order to see a range of pet options. Bring your roommates or whoever else might be living with the animal to make sure that person is comfortable with the pet. Ask the shelter tons of questions about the animal’s behavior and health background.

Take pet adoption seriously and don’t adopt on a whim. Realize that it’s a long commitment and can be quite a life adjustment. Make sure you are ready for it. For more information, visit

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What is the easiest, simple and neat way to organize your photos? Any software or app to recommend?


Answer by Cameron Frost:

It really depends on which software application(s) you use for RAW conversion and editing.  My RAW conversion software of choice is Capture One, which is very popular among professionals.  You can organize your library within Capture One or use their Media Pro software, which adds even more options as far as making selections, organizing and archiving them.

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